This is to help you better understand the countries, markets and sectors you are targeting and/or in which you already operate.

The goal is to help you better anticipate trends, ongoing developments, as well as the constraints and risks that may affect the conduct of your business operations.

Examples of services provided:

– Risk assessment on competition and intellectual property in the Asia-Pacific region for a Belgian company in the pharmaceutical industry

– Analysis of developments and trends of coal transportation in China for a French company in the building materials sector


This is to help you develop and/or implement your action plans in the targeted country.

The goal is to help you design and/or consolidate your market access and your initial deployment via targeted actions.

Examples of services provided:

– Identification, validation and qualification of prospects and business partners in South Korea for a French start-up in the field of information security systems

– Search for financial partners for a start-up in Southeast Asia as part of a fundraising operation


This is to help you achieve and develop your international projects by providing you with an operational support.

The goal is to help you best achieve your strategy and continue your ongoing development.

Examples of services provided:

– Human resources search in Europe for an Asian start-ups in the field of geolocation

– Support for the strategy and implementation of digital communication in the Chinese market for a French company in the automotive sector

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